COVID-19 – A call to reduce streaming media quality

In the wake of the mass-movement to Working From Home (WFH), the EU has called on streaming media services such as Netflix and YouTube to reduce their streaming media quality, to ease the strain on networks!

Changing Behaviour for the Common Good

I love my high quality, high definition, services - it’s one of many reasons that I choose to pay for a high speed Fibre to the Home (FttH) internet connection – so that I can work uninterrupted while the “house around me” can operate un-contended for internet bandwidth.

But this is a different world at the moment.  Behaviours of things like network bandwidth and utilisation have to evolve to accommodate the changing work practices of our new at-Home-World (aHW).  It is interesting to see the EU calling on streaming media service providers such as Netflix and YouTube to reduce the quality of their stream media, to ease the strain on networks.

As a point of reflection, I’m excited that my thoughts, and predication the other day were in fact correct.  I’m proud that my own actions were the right ones in this regard, and maybe even helping … just that little bit !

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