SysAdmin Day 2020

I often talk about “Silent Running” – that a powerful measure of success is when everything Just Works â„¢ But such success doesn’t “just happen”! It takes time, care, and commitment.

You, our SysAdmins, are the people who work through the nights to keep the lights on. You get in early, you stay late, you get called out overnight, you get called on your days off. And still you keep giving.

To everyone with hands on the keyboards, building and maintaining our systems, and to everyone who supports and enables them – from me, to you …

Thank You!

Happy SysAdmin Day !!!


Test that Socket!

There are times when you need to know if you can communicate from one system to another.  You don’t always have the luxury of having an application listening to connect to, or you don’t have an easy way of establishing a connection (eg. a UDP connection to a specific port).  So, now you can Test that Socket!

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