What a Journey

Today has been a Good Day – I got to met some of the team I have worked with for years. Specifically they joined me as we did our part to help establish our new company !

One of the most complex, and one of the most fulfilling, projects I’ve ever been involved in would have to be Kyndryl‘s exit from IBM … affectionally known as “TSA Exit” (Transitional Services Agreement).

I am proud to say that I was one of the technical leaders involved in bringing our fledgling organisation through to “Day 1” – leading both Identity and Access Management, and Enterprise Engineering.

I’ve jokingly referred to the TSA Exit as trying to “un-mix paint” … think trying to turn Purple paint back into its original Blue and Red … when you first mix them together, you never intend them separate!

Standing up Kyndryl as a completely independent entity was a bit like that … taking decades of inter-dependant infrastructure and application services, that were designed to work perfectly together, and identifying a way to ensure that once we are separate entities, that they continue to work.

All this without interrupting the ability for 90,000 employees to support the mission critical business of our 4,000+ clients.

“No Pressure” 🙂 

As Kyndryl rapidly nears “Day 2” of our journey – our CIO Michael Bradshaw has just published a fascinating article on the journey that Kyndryl has gone through, and what his vision and leadership has enabled – to transform our organisation.

These are exciting times, not just for Kyndryl, but also for our Clients

My sincere congratulations and thanks to Michael, his entire CIO organisation, my colleagues in the “Day 0/Day 1” team, and indeed everyone involved in the TSA exit and creation of our new company. I’m incredible proud, and humbled, to have joined you on this journey!

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