Yeah, WordPress

Over the years I’ve maintained many different blogs, some internal within organisations I’ve worked for, some external.  Some have been hand-edited using tools such as #vi others using things such as the now defunct iWeb from Apple.  But it’s never been consolidated. is my attempt to consolidate all these disparate sites, and try to something new and exciting!  I had the perfect time to do some research and investigation to find the right tool for me.

And so … meet WordPress 🙂

For anyone not familiar with WordPress, it is a PHP-based online web-based tool for creating websites, blogs, and creating and managing content.  It is Open Source which I like, and has a powerful following with a multitude of plugins and themes.

My intention is to slowly migrate content from other blogs I’ve maintained, so that I finally have that consolidated archive that I’ve long desired!

My journey with WordPress is beginning, but I’m loving what I see so-far.  So please, feel free to look around; like, share, and of course do come back 🙂

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