Happy SysAdmin Day

It’s that time of year again – System Administrator Appreciation Day!

SysAdmin Day

System Administrator Appreciation Day (SysAdmin Day) – 27th July – is that one day of the year when we can all give thanks to the hard working men and women who keep IT running!

I want to wish a very Happy SysAdmin Day to you, my friends and colleagues, for your tirelessly efforts to support our customers.

Happy SysAdmin Day
Happy SysAdmin Day

Sometimes, when we are neck-deep in a change, or resolving an incident it can be easy to forget the services that we are supporting, and the impact we make for our customers, and for the world.

Whether you are busy working on the next incarnation of social media services, new generation banking platforms.  Whether you are the person who mysteriously appears to fix the paper jam in the printer, or gets your WiFi working again.  Thank you.

We talk about “Silent Running” – the art of running IT services where the end users and business owners aren’t aware of the effort that goes into keeping IT Infrastructure operational.  When we achieve this utopian level, the SysAdmin can easily be forgotten.  But not today!

What YOU do makes a REAL difference. So please, take a moment to recognise the amazing work you do, and accept my personal and genuine appreciation!

For those of you who are not SysAdmins, please  take a moment to stop and thank your friendly neighbourhood geek.  Say thank you to their families who enable them to drop everything to log in and resolve a service outage.

Me – I’m incredibly grateful to the huge team I work with who support our customers every single day.  You are passionate, experienced, and hard working.

It can be hard work, long hours (usually unsociable), but fascinating and hugely rewarding.

Thank you!