OSX Task Switching in a Multi-Monitor World

Do you use multiple displays? Does it frustrate you when you’re trying to use “Command + Tab” to switch applications, but the Task-Switcher icons show on your non-primary display?

It’s not you, it’s me?

Maybe I’m the only one – but this has frustrated me for the last ~12 months, since I got my first external display in maybe 10 years.

Finally, I gave in trying to figure it out for myself – I Googled it!

The Fix

“The Fix” is actually remarkably simple.

On your primary display, move your mouse pointer to your dock, so that your dock is highlighted (if you’re like me, it’s hidden unless I need to use it).

With the dock now showing in your primary display, press “Command + Tab” to bring up the task-switch.


Hey-presto, the Task Switcher is now in your primary display 🙂

I’ve done the reverse and brought up the dock in my secondary display – and sure enough the Task Switcher moves back to the secondary. Repeat “The Fix”, and it’s back in my primary display.

I hope this helps!